Allow the user to change the preset browser default directory as needed

I love using Vital, it’s an amazing synth platform to work with. However, an unfortunate caveat . . .
On my Dell XPS-15-9350 laptop (windows 10), it’s really a struggle to keep putting ever more presets into the default preset browser directory

For now, I manually import each preset as needed from other directories / drives, but this is really tedious.
It would be SO MUCH BETTER if I could change the preset browser default directory to other directories, drives, even an external drive. I have a LOT of presets . . . with more ever evolving.
I’ve already read previous conversation about this, but it didn’t really address how to solve this.

I already know where the preset browser default directory usually is (Windows 10), that’s not the question here. The question is, how to actually change this.

On my other computers this is not an issue, but on the laptop, I’m often not online, I skip the entire “downloading” prompt that comes up when activating Vital.

I’ve tried to unravel this, but apparently this default directory allocation is locked into the preset browser. On bended knee, I plead with Vital, please make this some sort of user accessable feature.

Many thanks for any related feature consideration or available info!

Also read the rest of that thread.

Delete / relocate Vital folder???
Does that mean this folder -
C:\Users\Charles\AppData\Roaming\Vital . . .
just want to make sure I actually understand this

On a sort of side note, every time I initiate Vital, it immediately goes into downloading, but only on this laptop. On 3 other computers, never happens at all.
The current situation with this laptop install is that Vital completely crashes whenever I select a preset directly from the preset browser. I can manually import an external preset, but this is very tedious.
Again, on the other computers, have never had this problem . . . which is why I wanted to change the preset directory pointer in the preset browser in the first place.

No you got the wrong folder, it’s the one in documents.
If you want to try this, close all Vitals, then just move the C:\Users\Charles\Documents\Vital folder to
f.i. C:\Vital ( move the vital map from the documents to the root of your disk).

1-Then start Vital stand-alone and it should be asking where to install the presets and you choose the C:\Vital folder.

Or :

2-The C:\Users\Charles\AppData\Roaming\Vital folder contains 2 files, one of them is the vital.config where you can change the location of the presets also. (Change whatever it is now to f.i. C:\Vital if you moved it to C:\Vital and you’re done).

Update - tried your solution, it works!
Many thanks. Even though I had to re-import all my vitalbank files from the newly created alternate vital directory, it’s all good, I can load presets directly from the preset browser, without crashing Vital.
It is curious, though, why Vital didn’t just have a menu select item, maybe in settings, for changing this directory pointer, instead of having to take a long walk around the barn to get there.
Once again, thanks

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