How to change the presets root folder to another destination?

Any help on this ? Thanks in advance

Do you mean the whole Vital preset folder in the Documents?

Yes. I want the presets folder to be located on my bigger disk and not C:

I don’t think you can do this from inside Vital.
Would you mind using a symbolic link ?

Well then you should just move the whole Documents folder to wherever you want. My Documents is stored on D: this way :slight_smile:

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If you move (or delete) your Vital folder the next time you start it will ask where to install presets and you can select a different location. If you have your own presets you can move them into the new folder after doing that.


I edited the config file.
Just copied the one from the old PC, then changed the location addresses.
New PC - taking forever to migrate all my DAW stuff and discovering what will and what won’t go easy.
Bonus of course was the other preferences came along too. :+1:

No it doesn’t, neither win or mac version.

Where is it on Windows? Did it once but now forgotten where it is :stuck_out_tongue:


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Thanks! :pray:

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