Importing user presets from old user file

Hey everyone,
I had to reinstall Windows 11 and then Vital. I didn’t get the chance to export a bank of my presets beforehand. I have my old User file with my presets in it (Vital didn’t overwrite it when I reinstalled), but for some reason they’re not showing up in the Preset browser. Also, Vital is now storing new presets in OneDrive, which I don’t use. Soooo:

  1. How do I import my presets back into Vital from the old User folder.
  2. How do I define my User folder location?

Many thanks

Right click on a preset :

click open file location, Close Vital / DAW.

What it the location of the folder it opened ?
Is it on Onedrive ?
Is there a folder called User in this location ?
Does it contain a folder called Presets ?
Are your presets in THAT folder ?