Accepting Sound Design requests

I am working on a soundbank for vital, so far I’ve created 30 presets which you can see in the video. Let me know if you have any sound design requests. I’ll try to make them.


Chillout/Ambient please. All kinds of pertinent patches…


Got it mate, I’ll make some of those.

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Arps and Soundscapes would be nice

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I made an earlier post for something in the neighborhood of Derek Sherinian’s Monster Lead. (On Korg’s Trinity, Triton, and evidently these days Kronos.) So far I’ve personally had no luck getting this thing out of the soft synths I have at my disposal.

I’ll make those buddy… :slight_smile:

Soundscape is a nice idea actually.

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Can you show me an example of sound you want?

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cool, I’ll make it

What an epic post!

I would love it if you could do any (or ALL!? ) of the synth sounds in ALISON’s Space Echo. I’ll link it here for your convenience:

Thank you, my good sir (or madam).


Trance, Uplifting Trance and Hard Trance please : )
I think we should be also targeting Sylenth 1 and Spire with our Trance Packs and Trance presets…

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Sounds really gooooood!!! bass tone at 1:05

Can you try “Armenian duduk”, very expresive instrument

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Much to my surprise, I found a version of this that runs on my Korg Krome.

Edited: I didn’t understand that the patch had two oscillators, and the filter merely drops out the first via normal cutoff.

Thankfully, we have a dirty filter in Vital… This sound will be easy. :slight_smile: I’ll add it. Thanks for the suggestion

I am adding some uplifting saw patches, arps, pads and atmospheres.

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Will make it. :slight_smile:

Creating 100% realistic articulation will be difficult, but I will study it’s harmonics and create something similar.