Accepting Sound Design requests

In the advance section, under unison mode , you can select 12 and 24 dB option which will give you an analog waveshape, furthermore, use a touch of FM to get that resonance… and a diode filter.

I actually got a rough sketch on VCV that should nail it with a bit of tuning. The squeeze-out isn’t filter resonance at all, the LP just cuts off the saw leaving the sine. This diagram should explain things.!

This like a lot of great lead sounds is very very simple and counts on your musicianship to make it come alive.

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Great!!! Thank you

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Do you have an estimated release time / price for these?

This is awesome, I’ll try creating this. I might have an idea to create resonance on 3rd and 4th harmonic. Does it use an analog saw?

I have exams on 10 next month, till then I’ll take sound design requests and release after that. It will be open prize, you can get it for free or pay whatever you like. My goal is to explore the plugin more and get people together to make a bank… and enjoyed by all. I got some good suggestions here.


It’s not a pressing need. I just put that up to show I had a solution. If you want to do it as an exercise, then fine; it’s just that the VCV model is a more or less clone of the patch as implemented on my Korg Krome with a very similar sound, so I’m all set. In fact I’m going to look at other prog lead sounds in that preset library to see how to model them in VCV Rack. That’s not to say I’ll not use Vital. I just think it’s a tool to use where wavetables are the best approach.

This isn’t urgent or anything, but could you try making something like the high melody that comes in at 0:31 of this: or 0:15 of ? Also, if anyone else has any ideas on how to create these sounds, please let me know! I think I’ve gotten the hang on Vital by now, but I still can’t get these specific sounds.

Hi! Do you think you can create this sound at :47 in Vital? I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this sound for awhile :slight_smile:

I’ll try to make it…

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What a legend. Thanks.

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I couldn’t find the wavetable for prophet so had to compromise, is it close?

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mi sono impegnato, perso tempo a costruire e postare, condividere, regalare i 2 miei preset riguardo Annihiolation,ora vedo cheè sparito tutto,messaggi preset e quindi decuco che qualche " moderatore" e non ne capisco il senso, mi ha cancellato tutto.stop.basta. sparisco dalla circolazione.

A really good hoover would be much appreciated

Omg YES. Sounds so cinematic thanks for taking the time to make this! :smile:

I would LOOOOOOVE more Trance presets. I can tell Vital is extremely capable, but I can’t manage to make much that I’m super crazy about. (I’m also not great at sound design yet though.)

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Do you have any specific preset in mind, any example?

Yes - some cool Trance presets would be great - especially Leads and Plucks

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Thanks for all your presets!

I tried to make some sound like in this song: at 1:35

but when i tried first i got a preset with birds that chirp and flutter, and second atempt sounded like fart… then i stopped exploring the world of sound.

Maybee you have some idea and more luck with this!

I can share the birds when i´m abled to upload presets.

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I’ve always wondered how to make THIS specific sound. I have no idea how that screech is achieved. Now, i undrestand that it’s probably not really fitting for a preset pack because it’s quite niche i guess, but damn, would that be interesting.