Ability to choose save destination for presets [Mockup]

I don’t know If maybe I’ve missed the correct way of doing it, but current way of handling presets is just too time consuming and probably not that obvious to some users.
Problem: Saving will default to User folder. Saving to custom folders is actually done through exporting. Saving changes of presets outside User folder will make a new preset instead of saving/overwriting as original.
Solution: Ability to choose where to save.
Solution 2.0: Ability to create folders and subfolders inside Vital(not with that whole export/import bank workaround).


I brought this up at KVR back in November before this forum was active. So far no changes but perhaps in a future version.

I think patches should be saved in whatever folder has focus in the Browser. Or like you said where we want them.

Saving was discussed here in this thread:

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