Saved Custom Presets

Does anyone know where the presets that I create are saved? What is the pathway?

From the Preset browser, if you right-click on a preset you’ll get a pop-up window that includes “Open File Location” option. Clicking on that will open the file explorer for your particular OS.


Awesome, thank you! Now, for a follow-up question; Is there a way to set a default path so it doesn’t place those presets there?

@korgmusic Not that I know of. The manual will be released soon … :slight_smile:

Not currently. New presets you save will always go into that User bank by default. However, you can create your own top-level bank folder alongside all the others, and even put a _ in front of the name. (For example _Baphometrix)

Then, when you create new presets, you can move them at your leisure from the User \ Presets folder into (for example) _Baphometrix \ Presets. Then simply close the Vital window and re-open it, and you’ll see the updates to your own bank contents.

You can use this same pattern for your own custom wavetables and LFOs too. And your own samples, although those are created entirely outside of Vital.

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Using the underscore (_) will not make any new files go to the newly created folder, right? I will have to move any new files I create to that new folder. Do I have understand correctly?

I reported this early on before the forums and Matt said he may try to fix the issue. As mentioned it is possible to create your own custom folder for presets, wavetables, and LFO shapes but any time you save a patch even if your custom folder has focus in the browser it will save it in to the User folder.

He said it’s that way to keep people from over writing patches in commercial bank folders but with the “Are you sure you want to overwrite” message that pops up it shouldn’t be an issue.

Doesn’t do much good to have your own custom folder if you have to manually drag the files into it from the User folder.

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Gotcha and agreed. But still thankful for this awesome piece of software!

What I do if software forces paths is to use aliases. I move the folder to where I want it and then replace it in the path with the alias to the new folder. That works flawlessly on other synths so it should work here as well I think. The reason is that I want these things on my Google Drive so that I can use them across computers.

Thank you for that suggestion! I will try that in the meantime. I also know of a way to create a file that directs a program to another location. I did that for ProTools but I cannot find the article that instructed me on how to do that. Anybody know?

I am afraid this does not work with Vital. I tried it, but the synth does not accept the alias and does not show the user folder. When you save something it seems to work except it does not actually save it, it disappears and is nowhere to be found. Not sure how to enable working with own presets then. Maybe by moving the whole preset directory? I will explore the options and see if anything works.

The expected behavior would be that Presets are saved into the Folder than has focus in the Browser. It’s that way in all the other synths I can think of at the moment. That would allow you to have your own folders for custom patches, wavetables and LFO shapes.

Until a fix is implemented I’ll just accept the fact that any patch I save is going into the User folder like it or not so I’ll keep only my patches in the User folder and if I want to share patches I’ll manually move them to a custom folder.

Not an optimal condition but workable for the time being.

Right. I like to think of the future. There will be a time when I will have to upgrade my computer. I like to have as much as I can on a “transferable” drive so I don’t have to root around finding where everything is installed. I want to make my transition as seamless as possible and not lose anything in the process.

Well the Vital files are in the Documents folder where many of the files for other plugins are located so I just backup my Documents folder to a thumb drive. A lot of plugins don’t like it when you move their support files around so I don’t complicate things by moving files. Some plugins allow you to choose where their data files are installed so in that case I put them in the Documents folder. It’s a strategy that has worked well across quite a few computers and upgrades over the years and I own hundreds of plugins.

The problem is that now Vital doesn’t let you choose where to save your own patches even if you have created your own folder. All patches go into the User folder whether that’s where you want them or not.

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