Zoom function for the LFO

I often use the LFO as a MSEG so it would be nice to have a zoom function here, too.


I guess that it would be helpful.

For me it would be definitely helpful.

I don’t know what an MSEG is, but I agree

Multi Segment Envelope Generator

Yes please. A zoom function would be really nice to have. Generally the LFO editor is one of the more cumbersome parts of vital for me. For instance I really miss a brush option that would just connect dots on the grid lines instead of creating steps or ramps. The MSEG editor in Surge with its interpolation filters for curve segments is a real beauty i think :slight_smile: But for now I’d be happy with some basic functionalites added, like multiple point selection, the above mentioned line draw, zooming and maybe a less convoluted way to set up a looped segment within the cycle.

I created just a simple patch, where you could see what MSEG does but also how tricky it is if the LFO is longer then one bar - take a look at the LFO 1 and try to edit some steps. I didn’t uploaded a picutre because with the preset / live working you could better understand where is the problem.

It seems Vital offers alot of LFO “points” so we could generate MSEG with a 1/16 and right now with 2 bars - which is online limited by the gridnumber… which i guess could be easily doubled.

Got two additional ideas if we had also a grid on the y-axis we could easily use the LFO as an Arp.

And what would be realy amazing if all of that would pop up in a new window - as we have it right now when editing a Wavetable.

4bar MSEG.vital (701.4 KB)

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the second number on top of lfo window is y grid.

Thought this might be a good time to advertise:
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Ok thanks, to be honest never used it, but thought if there is that function why not a y grid… but it’s there :wink:

Yes, zoom function on LFO would be great.