You CAN download Vital

It’s in your account already…

but you probably should just go make music with the synths you already have instead of waiting for another magic bullet :slight_smile:

then download Vital from your account.

have fun!


Thanks, good to know … I am sure most did not know this as the buttons on the site do not actually let you DL the file, yet they say available on the 24th so most will think hey how can I DL the file. Thanks again for the FYI …

My account atleast is totally empty. I mean my vital account too. Will buy this as soon as I get some cash but not possible to download the free version for now atleast.

i am having the exact problem

Clicked Basic download link on main page, it auto-logged me in because I already had an account, and it then showed my empty account. No way to download Basic Vital.

I have the same issue.

Tried to pay with Paypal, does not work. I hope I won’t babe charged several times…

Same here. But if purchases were successful PP is pretty good about a quick notification of payment. I tried twice and no transactions were recorded.

yeah same

i cant load any presets or wavetables halp

I just downloaded :slight_smile:

i am not abe to

Tried to pay with Paypal may times, does not work

site overload ?

I dont’ know. All i know is that I can download now

download started working here too :grinning:

Same here, I got it downloaded and running inside ableton but no presets or wavetables yet. hoping they will download inside of the application since it requires a login but that’s just a guess.

Genuinely can’t fathom how do you even launch things like these. And Free option as well. Gonna spend tons of time on this synth and make free preset packs for plebs like me, who wish one day to support the creator. Many :heart:

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I can download now. :partying_face:

The site allows me to download now and it’s working great here on the latest release of FL Studio