Yoi basses (quantize/downsample)

Has anyone been able to make those yoi dubstep basses in vital? It’s easy to do them in massive, since the sample and hold insert fx sounds so great. In comparison the vital downsampler or quantizer from the wt osc sounds shy and very quiet. would love to do those sounds in vital but it seems not doable. I mean I can get it to yoi a little but it is not even close to the basses I can make in massive

Something like this? This one is pretty simple and didn’t spend too long on it. More of a yahee than a yoi but you can tweak it.

Quick Yahee.vital (170.2 KB)

Yes, that is quite good! Just downloaded pro, totally worth it!!

It sounds still a bit cleaner then the massive s/h but maybe that is just massive being worse quality actually (which I like for this sound)

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Thanks for getting pro!

You could try lowering the oversampling to 1x in the advanced panel to get a grittier sound.

I was recently playing with a bunch of ways to make yoi/yahee. I think general format is two separate bands moving in different directions. Like you could get an even cleaner yoi by having two band pass filters in parallel that you modulate in opposite directions.

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Yeah, was going the same route. Maybe I’ll make a yoi yahee bank :slight_smile:

here is a totally different approach for a yoi, and by far the grittiest i was able to get in vital. i like it!! has to be played with an aftertouch keyboard.

yoi different.vital (2.6 MB)

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