Wrong colour LFO / Random (Source)

LFO and Random as a source should be coloured green and not violet. When droping the LFO the colour is correct but then it get violet.

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the colour is still correct when you (single-) click the source circle
LFO is modulatiing FilterCutoff
click the small circle in the LFO pane and in the (target) filter-cuoff a green mini-circle will popup

hovering the mouse over the target filtercutoss will turn it violet however

not sure what’s the meaning of that…
…probably the manual-to-come will lift the secret :slight_smile:

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Nice find out :wink:

Having green for eg. lfo source would help more… for me it totaly feels wrong as it is wright now.

But even when this (colour behaviour) is corrected - it would be nice to have more colur seperation for the sources or / and small typo as an indicator.

I’m not sure about the behaviour, too. But i still hope it is just an overseen bug - for example if modulating the cutoff freq. the modulation depth is still green and not violet!

I tried to find this colour in the skin but haven’t found it yet.