Would anyone be interested in participating in a community preset library of classics electronic sounds?

I am currently working on a library of presets, which would be a reproduction of sounds from classic tracks or hardware.
For instance I did some presets that reproduce the TB-303 sound, the TR-909 cowbell (according to the circuit diagram), and also presets from classics tracks such as the bassline from Benny Bennassi Satisfaction, the lead from Daft Punk Da Funk, the lead from Voodoo People.

Some presets are more accurate than others, but the whole purpose would be to gather all our mutual knowledge to create an archive of classics electronics sounds or hardware.

For now the library is tiny, but I could put it on github so we could all work on it and help each others.

Are some people here willing to contribute?

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Not a bad idea. You should go through the “patches of month” posts of andrew. He has colleted lots and lots of presets. I think you can find many usable for your collection.

I started a patch for the Robots baseline of kraftwerk. Another user then brought it to perfection … It’s several months ago, but I think you can still find it.
I did a TB 303 baseline impression myself. As well several months ago and as well you can find it in the forum.

Because you have mentioned TB 303. I remember that I was looking for single cycle waveforms covering the Tb 303 basic oscilator, but I was not able to find some. Sadly Adventure Kits single cycle waveform collection doe not have include them…

I’d rather focus on sounds of the present or future than sounds of the past.

I’m honestly interested in what is considered sounds of future. Is there a move towards particular sounds? I listen - not ot often - to hardstyle, euphoric french core, psy trance … and what I find impressing is their kicks and unison leads and the production quality that is getting better and better… Anyways - what would you consider sound of the futire?

Sounds that haven’t been made yet. As opposed to sounds that were made decades ago. Vital is a modern synth so seeing where it can be pushed makes sense to me.

We have plenty of emulations that focus on sounds of the past and they certainly have their place. I like some sounds of the past too but since Vital isn’t an emulation I’d rather spend time seeing what new sounds it can make. I’ve always been looking for new sounds. Do I always find them? No but I’m always looking.