Wormhole: One of the most complex presets in vital?


I am Dom, a sound designer from Colorado. And I have been working to recreate the “Wormhole” preset from Output Exhale. And I have gotten it nearly 100% accurate. I have been working on this preset since October 20th, and am very proud of it.

Here is a demo:

I have a similar preset I named, “Black Hole” for irony purposes. Anyways you can get the 2 presets here:

Wormhole.vital (608.3 KB)
Black Hole.vital (1.7 MB)


Don’t concern yourself with how “complex” a patch is in regards to the number of modulation sources and destinations.

Instead focus on what’s coming out of the speakers.

Great sound designers don’t judge themselves on how much modulation they use but how good a patch sounds.