Work Offline Mode/ Constant Log In

So every-time I open Vital Im repeatedly logging in, ever since the first updates and Ive made sure to download each in hopes of a fix.

No fix, but i notice now the new work offline is a button that wasnt available before on the log in page. If using Vital in this mode will it restrict the synth in anyway or not give you the recognition that you actually own a licence…?

The only things that won’t work are text-to-wavetable, auto downloading new presets and update checks.

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i downloaded the free version of the plugin, then accidentally clicked on the use offline option the first time i tried to use it. i haven’t been able to use any presets or sounds since. the preset browser is absolutely blank. i logged in later, tried uninstalling and reinstalling but to no avail. please help me in finding a solution. my DAW is cakewalk by bandlab and i use a windows computer.