Wondering if a Two Scene Vital would be possible?

It would be amazing if Vital could have a “two scene” structure similar to Surge.

I have no idea how much programming would be involved with this, but having two Vitals under one roof would be great. Thanks.

Hi @Stephen07,

As far as programming goes, I’m guessing it would be doubling the sound engine and all the complexities associated with that.

If you’re using Vital in Standalone then you’re stuck with the one ‘scene’. You could try using a 3rd party plugin host to host multiple instances of Vital which would then act as a single, multi-layered instrument.

You can create similar multi-layered instruments inside most DAWS in various ways.

In Ableton, you would simply stack multiple instances of Vital inside an Instrument Rack (pictured)


Yes, thanks for that. I work in Cubse with multiple instrument tracks, but this is more about patch complexity. A “Double Scoop” architecture for the instrument itself is what this is suggesting.

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Layering two instances is not the same as having more complexity in one instance.

Many synths have this function. Sylenth 1, DUNE 3, Synthmaster 2, Rapid, Avenger, etc, etc…


Hi @teksonik,

Yeah, I get why multiple layers in one instance can be advantageous… like, layers can share a common internal effects section among many other reasons. I was just offering workarounds but then @Stephen07 's reply went further to explain that deeper patch complexity was the desire rather than trying to get around a limitation.

I should probably have taken more notice of the OP being about a feature request :wink:

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