Window that contains Vital is gigantic...Beyond Vital itself

The screen also remains on top of all windows so it literally takes up the entire space and cannot be resized. Sudden issue without any updates. Running Vital 1.5.5 on Mac M1 with Monterey on Bitwig. Been smooth until now. Any advice?? I’ve brought it to may main screen and chosen 100% already. Regardless of size I choose, that giant window persists. Thanks!

Anyone? It’s making me nuts but I love this synth. HELP!!!

Hey :slight_smile:

I am running Vital on M1 Monterey and it works fine.

Did you try a reinstall? That sometimes fixes the weirdest things… :slight_smile:

What changed ?

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I think that is a bug with the Clap version - does that for me on Mac but VST3 OK.

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I reinstalled and no luck. Making me nuts because I love Vital but its unworkable taking over my whole screen.

Can you take Bitwig out of full screen ? Does it work then ?

does it do this with the old 1.08 version?

In the new bitwig v5 beta I had to uncheck SETTINGS → Locations → “Prefers Clap over VST (when available)” to get the VST version to show back up.

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It only happens with the newest version. Never happened before.

I have Vital !.5.5 and Bitwig 4.4.8 and that option is not there. Perhaps I have no Clap plugins??

Doesn’t change it.