Will there be a Black Friday deal - plus to the pro?

Will there be a Black Friday deal - plus to the pro ?


I’m waiting too :blush:. If I remember correctly, there was a Black Friday deal here last year.

And we can’t wait…
1.5 years ago I bought Plus for $ 55 and a few months later on Black Friday for the same price you could buy Pro.
I feel it’s not fair to people who bought Plus.
There was a thread about this on the forum a year ago - but ignored.
I thought that this year the creators would reflect but silence … ehhhh

Unfortunately, that is the nature of the beast for any sale and that is the risk we all take when purchasing anything at full RRP. It is frustrating yes but at least you got your product months early than the BF sale and could use the benefits. I always think that we are supporting the creator more by paying full price whereas sales dont do that as much.

when it comes to buying software it doesn’t matter to me if things go on sale or not because to the best of my understanding a license is borrowed time due to inevitable obsolescence or maybe the license could be revoked so any money i pay is done so consciously to support the developer. for perspective, if I remain a subscriber indefinitely i’ll end up paying more than pro. if the price of the license bothered me i’d just use the free version, etc.

Just to clarify, Plus was never $55. It’s always been $25 (or $20 for the initial release).