Why not foss? it needed in many cases

Hi, I hope the author answers, I’m the founder of Geekos Daw Project, a professional audio project for openSUSE, like kxstudio for Ubuntu.

I wonder why the free version with the basic presets, it’s not foss.
I think it is among the best synths I have tried, but it has various problems: the first is the license, so I can not insert it and spread it, in the repositories, the second is related to the login that it fails to do, and as a result you do not download presets and wavetables. In my opinion it would be more successful to release open source with related basic presets in the sources, and to charge through account reachable from a menu, all the additional presets of paid versions, would guarantee maximum spread of the software, maximum usability, and more upgrades thanks to paid packages through a non-mandatory account, but necessary to access the additional presets

I see what you mean; the paid versions don’t have any other new core functionality. I think that right now it’s not open source because it is integrated with some of the web stuff like the shop and other security stuff. If anything, it’s because the devs don’t want people finding exploits and getting free content. Just a speculation though.