Why i cant put audio samples into the osc?

Hey dudes,

the topic is my question =D

You can drag and drop audio files to convert to wavetables and you can use the sample osc to play your sample.

But i cant put my audio file into the wavetable editor or the osc 1-3 in vital. i dont know why.

Is it a wav file?

what steps did you try? what happens? what file format are you using.

here i simply drag a short wav file over the wavetable graphic and an import dialog appears…

Are you dragging a sample from within your DAW into Vital? That’s doesn’t work for me in Logic’s arrange window, but works ok from Logic’s built-in file/media browser.
Dragging from the desktop/folders into Vital running in the DAW works fine.

ohhhh nicce idea, i can export the sample to wave and drag into vital! THX!!! i will test it tomorrow !