Why does Vital clip/go into the red?

A lot of factory patches when I hold/sustain (pads) they go into the red. e.g. the “Abbysun” patch.

Are they badly programmed? Is there any way I can fix this? The levels are low on the oscs.

I thought dragging the arrow below the blue/red meter would limit it, but it goes beyond the arrow.
Can anyone help please? I am getting audio clipping/crackling. Trying to rule out if it is my audio card or the synth. Seems like it is a mixture of bother actually.

I am on Ableton 10.

Here’s a good video that explains what is happening with the red bar and clipping: https://youtu.be/WEMQSmokinI?t=60

Turn it down further on the Vital master output (the blue/red bar top right)

In ableton you could also put a Utility after Vital on your channel and turn it down as to not clip ableton. But the signal could still be clipping in Vital, so I suggest turning it down there.

It’s normal a sound may exceed the arrow, or be well beneath it, depends on the patch.
You can also check the Vital patch has a lot of compression in the FX that might be boosting it up, as you can turn that “makeup gain” down as well.

If the Oscs are low in volume and not being modulated with an LFO there’s probably some distortion or compression in the FX making it louder, but that’s just a guess.

Hope this helps

Edit: there is no built in Limiter in Vital so your signal may clip the output, that fader is just the overall volume coming out of the synth