Why does this happen with the ADSR?

It seems to be playing when its not supposed to

If you move the midi 1 bar away in the arrangement, does it still happen?
I have a couple hardware synths and if you don’t give them a bar of space their internal clocks get messed up. Wondering if it could be something like that but tangentially related?

Have you tried messing with delay instead of the odd attack shape?

Hope this helps!

yes: in logic it’s advisable to start not at bar1 (or 0:00) but a few bars later

i made the attack weird to show that it was playing when it shouldnt have been able to play, it happened with a more normal attack too, and also while i was playing on the keyboard:

I think its a Logic thing , no problems with it in FLStudio and REAPER.

What version of Vital? Does the standalone version also do this?

Version 1.5.5

I think its an issue with Logic

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