Why does the preset name always go back to Init. when I close vital?

I’ve been working with some great presets, but even though the sound stays the same, the name changes always back to “initial” when I try and load vital again to mess with the knobs. Please let me know if there is a way to fix this-

wich version of vital? click the v in top left corner. if it isn´t 1.0.5 go to vital site, account and click all downloads.

i think this should fix your problem.

I was hopeful based on your post that 1.0.5 would fix the problem. No luck. What made you think 1.0.5 has a fix for this issue? I didn’t see it in the changelog that was posted recently.

hi @qub1t and @nearandforevermusic.

Can I ask what the problem is exactly? I don’t quite understand the original post.

Is it that you open Vital, create a patch, save it. And then when you open Vital again it opens with the init patch rather than the one you last saved?

Or do you have an issue with Vital running in a DAW?

There was a ‘bug’ with Vital when using in a DAW, whereby with a saved project, vital would load the correct patch, but it would display “init” as the patch name. This seems to be fixed now (I’m running Logic Pro and Vital 1.0.5).

All the best.

This should be fixed in 1.0.4 (see the 1.0.4 change logs about preset names) and 1.0.5. Thought it won’t recall the name from a previous save from an older version. So if you load a preset with Vital 1.0.5 close it and recall it should remember correctly.

If not let me know!

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Ableton 10.1.30
Vital 1.0.5

Open a midi track, add Vital to it (technically, I have vital in an instrument rack with macros mapped to the 4 Vital macros). Click the “wrench” button to open the Vital UI. Select a preset. Close the Vital UI. Save the set.

Load another set.

Go back to the first set. Select the midi track with Vital. Open the Vital UI. The settings match the preset you selected, but the label says “Init Preset”. I really want to know what preset was selected on that track, especially when I come back to the track months later.

Hi @qub1t.

Thanks for the detail. Understand now.
FWIW, what you describe is not happening for me - I’m on a Mac, with Logic Pro, and Vital 1.0.5 (and thus using Vital as an AU) - so a different setup.

Is this on Mac / PC? AU, VST, or VST3?

And def v. 1.0.5? (when you click on the Vital logo). What you’ve described was happening to me with an earlier version of Vital.

Hopefully there’s enough detail for @Tytel to help you out.

Hi @qub1t. Just for fun (:slight_smile:) , I opened Ableton Live Lite up on my mac (10.1.15), added vital, turned it into a rack, mapped a macro, changed the patch and then saved. Re-opened the set, and clicking the spanner icon, vital showed the correct patch name.
I hope you can get a resolution to your problem soon.

Interesting. I’m on Windows 10 (wishing I was on a Mac). Definitely using 1.0.5.

It’s early days with Vital, and Matt’s clearly been busy sorting out bunch of issues. I’m sure he’ll get this knocked out soon enough.

The same thing happens to me, every time I start my daw, when opening a project where I used vital. When I open the vital interface, it always has a preset name: “init preset”, whether it is a factory preset or my own. I have version 1.0.5 of vital, and I use reaper on windows 10.

I am having the same problem, using Vital 1.05 in Cubase Pro 10.52 on Windows 10.

I’m also having the same problem with FL Studio. after I closed the project and reopen it, all of the loaded presets names are back to Init, also I found out that there is a weird bug occur in the VST, although I dont know if this bug is only with FL, but sometimes, there are times that when I save the project and go offline the VST couldnt load and take FL Studio crashing with it. then when I online it loads normally, this only happens in FL Studio 64bit, but when I try offline in 32bit it loads the VST but some vst fail to load the preset that was in there. so I feel like it’s a vital bug.

It turns out it only happens with project files saved with Vital 1.04 or 1.03–the 1.05 versions are okay. Thankfully I don’t have all that many project files to update!

I still seem to have this issue with Ableton 10.1.30, Vital 1.0.5 on Win10. Create a new Live Set, add Vital to a midi track, change the patch to anything else, save the project, close Ableton, open Ableton, open the project = Init for the patch name…