Why are only some preset packs appearing?

I downloaded the packs from the internet and when I first added them to the folder it is working.

I reorganized the folders within the vital preset folder location, grouping them by sound designer and closed vital to reopen.

When I reopened, there were several missing packs. When inspecting the vital preset folder loacation, all the packs were there.

I deleted and reimported and the result was the same folders appearing that were there after I had rebooted the plugin.

The problem is that the folders that I grouped by sound designer are missing. How do I group packs together into a organized file structure?

I don’t think you can, just moving folders around. Vital expects the following structure:

Folder name
\_  Presets
    \_  Subfolder name
        \_ Preset A.vital
        \_ Preset B.vital

You cannot have a different folder hierarchy.

The folder name is shown at the bottom left of the Vital UI, the subfolder name is currently not shown in the Vital UI, but can be used to order the presets: they are shown ordered by subfolder name alphabetical order then by preset name alphabetical order.

If you want to organize your presets by sound designer, then you will have to move the individual .vital files in an appropriate folder hierarchy as shown above.

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Yes like adiren mentions, you need atleast a “presets” folder for vital to find them!


within the preset browser
you have to click a 2nd time onto the corresponding top level entry to reveal the underlying folders

i have a folder called “discord2020”
within this folder there are several others called like “discord_jan2020”, “discord_feb2020” etc

when i first select (1 click) the “discord2020” folder nothing happens except that on the right side all individual patches of that complete folder are listed

when i click a 2nd time, under the “discord2020” the sub folders “discord_jan2020” “discord_feb2020” etc appear

when i can select those subfolders which reveal only their corresponding individual patches


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Wow, thanks for sharing that knowledge! You are correct: clicking a second time on a folder reveals the subfolders beneath (more clicks hide and show the subfolders repeatedly).

Actually, Vital supports additional folder levels this way! :smiley:

@tyloydbeats I think this will solve your issue. Create a top-level folder with the sound designer name, created a Presets folder in each top-level folder, then organize the presets any way you want inside each Presets folder.

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It seems like I need to have the presets before the actual folder name. Here is what I had before changing the folder structure: Video-Mon-Apr-29-2024-08-50-34.webm - Google Drive

I changed each sound designer main folder to have “presets” before the subfolder… It solved the problem: Video-Mon-Apr-29-2024-08-50-34.webm - Google Drive

Will be deleting these example videos to free up storage.