Why? After subscribing, I don't see any of my presets and wavtable

As other threads have pointed out some people in China can’t login to download the content.
I’m in the process of putting in some changes to allow downloading the content from the site instead.

I downloaded it today to try and have the same problem. I am in the United Kingdom I don’t know if it’s relevant or not, but the presets are not showing even after registering and downloading the the factory content packs… anybody help, please?

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You could try this:
Run Vital standalone (not in a daw)
Via the “burger” menu, logout of Vital.
Via the “burger” menu, log back into Vital.
This should trigger vital to download content associated with you account.

If this doesn’t work, then report back giving details of your OS.

I don’t have a log out option just quit.


It is in the hamburger menu right to the preset name

Oh I see it now! After logging in I was able to download the presets! Thank you very much!