Who else wants the Filter Cutoff fader/ strip changed to a knob?

I really want to start using Vital over Serum because the filters sound so much better, but assigning modulation and moving the filter cutoff around is so frustrating. The little Modulation depth circle is too small (And the 128 degrees rather than 100 is annoying too imo), but it’s mostly that it’s harder to grab it with your mouse when adjusting it. I can see how it might’ve been decided upon, but I really would rather a classic knob so i don’t have to pull my mouse so far when self-automating the filter cut-off.

What’s the difference in moving your mouse left to right as opposed to up and down ?

128 is most definetly because midi cc message works with value from 0-127. i´m sure most if not all synths use it.

you can assign cutoff to a macro knob (but not much change on how far to move the mouse) or to a midi device if you have one.
mouse wheel works too, or maybe change settings of your mouse movment.:slightly_smiling_face:

The filter is also an x/y pad. You can click and drag on the graph itself which is a much larger target.

As for the modulation it’s measured in semitones. The cutoff has a full range of 128 semitones because that’s the range of a midi keyboard. The modulation knobs always show values that match the control (like if you modulated tune it would go +/- 100 cents)


That x/y pad is great! It works for the WT frame, too.

You’re the best!! :muscle:

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thanks for the info with the 128.

you can switch frequency unit to Hz in advanced section.

No change please. Unless serum can make a physical knob pop out of my monitor, then it is irrelevant whether it is a knob or a slider. And the slider makes the value relevant to the visualization. A knob is one step removed visually, and a virtual knob even more so. Mr Tytel got this one right (as is most often the case).


+1. It is good the way it is.

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I like how it is, I prefer the fader


Well I used Surge, another great free plugin for 3 months before I got Vital. I’m pretty used to having faders instead of knobs.

I don’t like certain stuff about Serum now that I’ve demo’d it…

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