White Screen when trying to load in cubase

Hello and happy new year,

I just recently found vital synth and its an absolutely mindblowing tool. Unfortunately the joy was after 1 day over, as I can not load the plugin again. It gives me a white screen and cubase is completly frozen, when I try to chose the plugin. I only can use the task manager to get out and to close the program.

Has anyone similar issues?

Windows 10 64-bit
8GB Ram, Intel Core i5-7200U CPU 2,5 GHz
Cubase Elements 10
64bit saved and installation worked fine



Does the standalone version work for you? Or it just the plugin that fails?
Would also like to know if the most recent build (1.0.4) available https://account.vital.audio fixes this.

Great, its working again!!
Let me explain, what I did…I opened the standalone version, which opened without any problems and I could login normaly.
I basically downloaded the “FactoryContent” (again), installed it, opened cubase and therefore the plugin loaded perfectly and without white screen or that it freeze…
I am not sure what was the problem, but as I once before downloaded the “FactoryConent” or the additional presets, Vital was maybe in some kind of bug and couldn’t load itself in the DAW anymore.

I will observe, if this problem or any other occures again and let you know.
Until then thank you so much and be safe!!


OK I think a couple people have had this issue and I’m not sure exactly what the cause is yet. I was hoping it was an issue with some corrupted download file and I’ve put a few checks in the latest build so that should handle that case but it could be something else.

There may be an “errors.txt” in Documents/Vital if something went wrong with the update check or preset downloads, is there anything there?

Nope, unfortunately nothing important is mentioned there…


Having the same issue, updated to 1.0.4 win 10, Live 11.
Vital freezes/white screen requiring end process of daw, when loading into project.

Now fixed after logging into stand alone.

I’ve had the same problem, logging in on standalone resolved it.

Should have a fix for this in the next version!