White screen/Crashing upon closing VST window (Possible Solution...?)

I’ve been using Vital for quite some time now, about 2 months. It has always worked perfectly until about 3 days ago, when suddenly, this bug started happening.

I use Ableton 11 but I don’t think the problem has to do with either my PC or the DAW, because I was able to use it before.

I would really like to go back to using Vital, any help is appreciated!

EDIT: Vital version is 1.0.7

Vital is slow loading for me as well as VST in Abelton Lite, try to add windows graphic card settings for rendering in windows settings, type graphic card in search and settings will appear. I have no clue about effect of it, but I assume you should check.

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I’ve managed to fix the issue, at least somewhat. I use two monitors with a laptop, they’re connected with a Dell Docker, that means my Nvidia Graphics Card is not being used whenever I use monitors that are connected to said docker (Sorry if this is confusing)

Part 1 -

To fix this issue I plugged one of my monitors (main one) directly into my Laptop, what this does is it forces the monitor to use my Nvidia Graphics card

Part 2 -

Whenever I open either the VST or the Standalone, I do it in the main monitor (The one that is plugged directly into the computer), this means Vital opens with the correct Graphics Card. I’ve been experimenting and this is what seems to be the issue, though the problem persists if I close the VST in the second monitor accidentally, which is problematic…

TLDR; The problem is with my graphics card, specifically, using a Docker. Solution is opening the VST/Standalone in a monitor that is using your better graphics card.