White screen crash on launch when monitor is a different resolution than primary

I finally figured out why the Vital VST has been crashing my DAW every time it launches. If the plugin launches on a monitor with a different resolution than the primary monitor, it crashes.

For context, I have three 1080p displays and one 1440p (This is my primary display). I have Ableton running on two of the 1080p displays. The first launch after reinstalling Vital works fine. It launches on the 1440p display because its the primary monitor. I then move the window over to one of the 1080p displays and it continues to work fine. However, the next time I launch it, it remembers where it was closed and attempts to launch on the 1080p display, but crashes.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Have a 1080p display and a 1440p display
  • Make the 1440p display the primary display in Windows
  • Launch the plugin (It should open on the 1440p display because it is the primary)
  • Drag the window to the 1080p monitor
  • Close the plugin
  • Open the plugin
  • The plugin will attempt to launch on the 1080p display where it left off, but it will crash

Steps to remedy:

  • Set the monitor that the plugin is trying to launch on as the primary monitor.
    • In my case, Vital was attempting to launch on the 1080p display, so I set the 1080p display as primary and this fixed it (Although if I ever move it back to the 1440p display and close it, it will break again)


  • Setting the 1440p monitor to 1080p does not work, I think its tied to the actual resolution of the hardware, not the resolution that’s set in the OS.
  • This isn’t a problem on Vital standalone, only VST2 and VST3 (haven’t tried AU or CLAP)

I hope this gets an actual fix because its annoying to have to switch my primary monitor every time I want to use Vital lol.