Where to install Vital on my PC?

Hi everyone, I have created an account to get the free version of Vital and use it in Ableton Live.

Problem (or misunderstanding) is, in the installation process on a Windows 10 PC, you’re asked to select Destination Location (which is C:\Program Files\Vital by default) and then select VST Directory (which is C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VstPlugins by default, although that’s not the location I told Ableton to look for).

Since Ableton searches for my VSTs in C:\VST Installations, the VST directory should naturally be that one. However, I am bugged out by what the destination location should be. At first I set it to C:\VST Installations, and Vital wouldn’t work. Ableton couldn’t find it even after rescanning, then when I took Vital.dll and placed it in a new subfolder (C:\VST Installations\Vital dll) it opened properly but without any presets or even wavetables, all I could access were the basic sawwave and triangular LFO so it was unusable. So I may want to place it to the default C:\Program Files\Vital, however I have encountered some problems while doing that with other VSTs so this time, I wanna be completely sure that everything is set up right.

Does anybody here then know what typical folders I should set as the Destination Location, as to avoid interfering with the .dll and finally get to use this awesome synth ?

I couldn’t find anything related to this on YT or this forum but if some topics here did cover that in the past, please redirect me to said topics and close this one.

Thanks by advance !

Hi, when you select Vst during the install process you have the choice in a next popup where you can browse the vst folder of you choice. If necessary, uninstall Vital and restart the installation process. Does Ableton support Vst 3 ?, if yes choose this one instead of Vst.

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with the free version you need to go to account and then all downloads or something, to get the factory content(wts, lfos, presets and samples)and install it manually. vital creates then folders for this in documents.

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My problem is now solved, thank you both ! Just wondering tho, why should I use VST3 instead of VST ? (both do work in Ableton)

good question.

was asking this myself a long time but never looked for the difference.

There Are A Number of Great Improvements Over VST with Newer VST3 Plugins

A few of these improvements are:

  • Improved performance and lighter on the CPU. It only applies processing when there is an audio signal present, freeing up resources
  • 64-bit processing.
  • The ability to create audio input busses to VST3 instruments . Audio signals can be routed to an VST3 instruments, unlike with the previous technology.
  • They can be surround-capable with true multi-channel processing, unlike the previous VST technology.
  • These plugins allow users to deactivate and reactivate busses.
  • VST3 has more capabilities than standard MIDI events. This is going to open the doors to some great new advances in plugin technology.
  • Multiple midi inputs. VST3 can allow multiple midi inputs, while VST 1.x & 2.x are limited to one.


so if vst3 works use vst 3