Where is the shepherds tone wavetable?

I came across this youtube video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8qIBbp_GKk but I can’t find the preset anywhere. I have Plus. Do I need to have Pro to get access to it?

The shephard tone effect isn’t implemented as a wavetable - it’s a spectral morph option (first knob to the right of the wavetable oscillator):

I have Plus, and I have a Factory preset called “Shepard Tone Template”, which can be used as a starter for you own patches.

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THANK YOU!!! Oh that’s awesome. I can do it to any wavetable!? DOPE! :pray:

How does the Shepard Tone morph work?

I don’t know how it’s coded - but the above link has some info about the effect.


Andrew, you have a nice colour scheme, have you shared it somewhere? Thanks

hi @Igro - it’s one of @Tytel’s skins that I purchased here (I think it comes with Pro, but I have Plus):

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Right. Interesting, that it won’t allow me to purchase it even though I’m logged in.

@Tytel - it looks to be a bit broken.

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Ah yeah the working version is actually under the subdomain account.vital.audio -> https://account.vital.audio/skins/
Probably should create a store.vital.audio to clean things up.