Where does it install dll on win10?

As in the title. I like to keep my dlls tidy in one place.

You can choose the destination… or at least i could.
It should be the final step in installation before you actually install.

If there was a selection screen I must have missed it. What is the default destination?

Uhhh un momento!!

i ran the installer to see what the default path was but it remembered the folder which i installed it into…
I would assume its in the Steinberg VST folder
C:Programfiles/Steinberg thats where most plugins attempt to install for me.

Run the installer again and it should say the path that it took :smiley:

No such thing. I only get two screens: installation components and confirmation. I looked up all of the common vst folders like Steinberg and Vital dlls are not there.

uhh go to C: and search vital in the search bar i guess
Also i just noticed that It doesn’t actually have a .dll It’s just an application

So there is no dll, that explains it all, thanks.

Glad i could help <3

If you installed the VST 2 version there will be a .dll file. Mine installed to my chosen folder. VST 3 files all go to a specified location in Program Files>Common Files>VST3 (for 64 bit) per Steinberg requirements.