Where are the packs listed?

seems like the packs are no longer available for purchase/prelistening on the website, i can only buy plus or pro, but cannot buy individual packs anymore? is that intentional?

Hi @lokki

There is an online store accessible via https://account.vital.audio/store

Yes thanks, that link works. But I could swear I could access it from my account directly before. Where is the link you shared in regards to the account page? How do I get to it from my account page?

I think I came across that link on the forum.
I don’t have it on my account page either. There appears to have been lots of developments to the website over the last couple of months - perhaps the link has “dropped off”? (@Tytel?)

Oh - I’ve just been shown this link for the new skin pack - https://account.vital.audio/skins

Links to the patch store and skins would be nice from the account page.