What's the double line in the waveform editor for? (pic)

while trying to draw a waveform, i have recently started to notice a distracting double ghosted line and i can’t figure out why it’s there. as i’m drawing, there’s this offset ghost waveform being drawn, and it is confusing.

tips on how to make that go away?

Looks like a DC remove preview… I have no idea though if it is that

i don’t remember seeing this happen before. i don’t like it though. it makes it hard to focus on the line i’m trying to draw because it’s scaling up and down as if it represents some sort of dc correction as you stated. i basically never want it to do that.

The normalize button in the wavetable editor should do the trick. Remove all dc should usually be left on, all it does is apply an ~5hz highpass filter on the waveform to center the crossover point, it prevents inaccurate loudness measurements.

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cool, will do, thank you.