What's causing the first note to sound distorted?

Whenever the first note of this bar comes in, the sound is distorted, what’s causing this? I have no other plugins enabled.

Note: You can unmute this image to hear the sound.

Further testing shows my only effect is Chorus and disabling this fixes the distortion. Why is Chorus causing this on the first note only?


Can you upload the settings as a preset? The chorus settings aren’t visible in the video, and if that’s what is causing it, those are the settings we need to see.

Sure, however it says new users cannot upload attachments.

Here are my Chorus settings instead:


I can’t recreate this effect based on the information you’ve provided: is it possible you’ve made any adjustments on the Advanced tab? Is there anything on the channel in your DAW? Can you monitor your CPU usage while it’s happening? How are you recording this to imgur?
Just for completeness’ sake: what’s the wave Frame setting on OSC 2?

My guess would be a false midi assignment on one of the chorus controls. To check, right click on all the controls and clear midi assignment

Thanks for the replies

  • I did not make adjustments on Advanced tab.
  • There was nothing else on the channel.
  • CPU usage is below 20%.
  • Recording was done with Quicktime + Macbook speakers.
  • There was no midi assignments for any of the Chorus controls available to clear.

I have the preset file if someone can suggest how to upload it…

Do you get the same result through headphones?

Can you upload it to WeTransfer? I’m not seeing anything obvious.

Also, are the any recorded midi events?

i cannot reproduce this (using the exact same settings as shown)…

imho, it will always sound “sharp” (slightly distorted) because of the unfiltered OSC2
rectangular/pulse wave

i would get a red output
but not only at the beginning but also occasionally whilst playing
because those 2 osc’s sum up

you can always reduce the levels
in the OSC section and/or main output
(which imho in this example would be advisable anyways)