What makes a good formant filter?

I was following this Serum tutorial, trying to apply it to Vital. I couldn’t get a close result, because Vital’s formant filter is just different. Does anybody know what makes a good formant filter? Or at least what makes Vital’s filter different than Serum’s? I was thinking of requesting a more realistic formant filter, but I think the Vital team has no obligation to imitate Serum or any other synth, so I hesitate to ask for that.

Edit: rewriting my post to better answer your question:

Ya they are both good quality, they are just different. I would look up in serums manual if it tells you exactly what vowel sound/formant type the formant-I filter is, might help you know how to tweak the settings to get closer.

Also: you might need the LFO on sync and legato notes to achieve the same movement effect?

If you’re looking for something to emulate the hyper dimension try messing with the voices and rate of the chorus

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Serum’s manual says nothing. :man_shrugging:

The difference is noticeable from the beginning even before hyper dimension. The filters are indeed different. On a positive note, people really liked my version of it on PresetShare.


Nice man! Yea I think if you could figure out which formant is used then you’d be able to get yours even closer
But either way have fun experimenting with new sounds!