What is RM synthesis and

What is RM synthesis?

Can I use OSC2 to control the amplitude modulation (AM) of OSC1?

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Yeah RM is similar to AM.
Signals are positive and negative, just multiplies the carrier by the modulator. When the modulator is at 1 the carrier is unchanged. When the modulator is at -1 the carrier is inverted.

AM basically makes the modulator signal go from 1 to 0 instead of 1 to -1. So when the modulator is at the lowest value the carrier is silent.

Anyway tl;dr set RM to 50% to get AM


Alternative: there’s a keytrack LFO option. Use that and modulate an osc’s level.

Thanks! That clears it up. What does the R in RM stand for? Rotation/rotational?

Ring Modulation

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Thanks. That should have been obvious to me. LOL