What i NEED/what i WANT

hello, I’ve been using Vital for over 1.5 years now as my main synthesizer, and during this time I’ve accumulated several ideas in my head for improving it
this text is divided into 2 parts: “what i NEED” (these are the things that, in my opinion, the plugin really needs), and “what i WANT” (this is just things that would be nice to implement in the future. their absence is not a problem, but it would be cool if they were)

What i NEED:

  1. AM (4real, i nead am modulation)
  2. more filters (MUCH more filters)
  3. more stock noises (not oneshots, NOISES)
  4. markers in browser (maybe stars like in serum, idk)
  5. more macros (This happens rarely, but sometimes 4 macros are not enough)

What i WANT

  1. I think it’s an interesting idea to create separate modules - vital fx chain and vital lfo (it would be great if in vital lfo you could modulate any parameter from your daw, but Idk if this is realistic)
  2. I was very happy when I found out that you can create your own skins right inside the plugin, but man, why is this editor so complicated, we’re not playing chess here (XD)
  3. I would like HZ in the LFO settings besides milliseconds. Hertz, in my opinion, is easier to work with and easier for me to understand
  4. I’m finally fed up with the semitones in the plugin. In the settings, I turned on the display of frequency in hertz, but when working with filters and EQ, I still see them. May be enough? (Please)
  5. you can add a thing to the LFO editor, like in shaperbox - moving the curve to the right and left along the grid and the X2 [duplicate] button (working with LFO in Vital is already much better than in Serum, and if this function appears, it seems to me that the Xfer company will go bankrupt in a couple of weeks XD)

I don’t know what to write in conclusion… uh… thanks for oscillator 3


  1. If you have any extra noise samples, you can import you own as well! I’ve definitely downloaded packs, I also imported Serums wavetables into Vital as well.
  2. There are favourites markers :slight_smile:
  3. A bit more complicated: but if you take an LFO and set it to freeze (under Tempo) you can map it to parameters in a normal ramp. You can then you move the LFO phase as a sort of makeshift weird macro

Hope these help!

Hello. Yes, there is a favorites marker in the browser, but it would be more convenient if there were more options for systematizing your library (during this time I have accumulated several THOUSANDS (I’m serious) of presets, and sometimes I spend so much time looking for the one I need in them that I forget, which one was looking for)

You can do AM with an audio rate LFO connected to osc level.

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You could copy presets into additional subfolders!
It’s would be a bit tedious, but if you’re looking for solutions, just an idea :slight_smile:
It’d be a manual way of sorting then, and name each folder by star.
You could then flag your favourites as ones to be sorted next time, to keep a clean workflow!

Good luck though with that many presets thats insane!

Just out of curiosity, what kind of filters would you have use for in Vital? You can do a lot with the current ones, especially when you combine them in series or parallel, but I’ve noticed that certain types of sounds tend to have this upper bass / mid rustle that’s very hard to get rid of if not desired. F.ex. clean and fluid psy basses can be quite challenging in Vital if the filter opens up much. This is ofc part of Vital’s personality, it excels in some kind textures.