Weird wavetable & lfo behavior

ive noticed that modulating the wavetable position with an lfo would change the overall phase of the oscillator for some reason, (phase randomization at 0%)
i made a bass patch for a song and i cant seem to fix this problem

heres the waveform

around 4 seconds in the bass sounds different for some reason and i cant find a workaround besides resampling

heres the bass w/o the lfo on the wt position

without the lfo the bass sounds consistent throughout but when i reenable the lfo it sounds different after some time

does anyone else have a similar problem

Could you share the patch?

I must be confused, but would the change not be the fact that you are modulating the wavetable?

Each frame of the wavetable has its own “phase” since each frame would theoretically start somewhere else in that single cycle frame. Just because the it’s starting where you want (I.e. 90 degree phase at zero randomization) doesn’t mean that spot looks the same for every frame of the table

Again I think I’m missing something

Okay here’s how to test this: make two osc patch with pure sines, other one with those sines thorough the wt table, all phase aligned. Make the patch play a sequence and modulate the wt position of the other osc. If the other osc goes out of phase it should be clearly audible.

idk how to explain it properly but

the midi is in triplets n the lfo is in 8th notes trigger mode, phase rand is at 0%

for some reason the lfo doesnt always start at 0 sometimes whenever i play a midi sequence shorter than the lfo rate, the difference is subtle but it gets more noticable the more i post process

when midi is at the lfo rate the effect is less subtle

Thanks, but do you mind posting the full patch?
It’s so hard to figure out what is going on just through screenshots

weird glitch test.vital (277.5 KB)
(dry cuz i used postprocess)

Yeah honestly dunno, there’s lots of things that could be causing it. There’s plenty of phase movement occurring in the patch.

Also depending on your post processing, things like multiband filtering or some distortion can also cause audible differences and effect the phase.

All this in combination with the lfo movement and midi notes is what I’m guessing is the root

Sorry this wasn’t too helpful!

Edit: as a work around, I think the best option is resampling as you mention
Try some release or attack and see if that does anything? I notice it’s set to zero for both which can sometimes cause issue but very slim chance

Did a quick test but couldn’t reproduce reliably. Playing it through a kb did play out some rare random notes that sounded different. What kind of a sequence would make this happen?