Weird smoothing behavior with automation from DAW (FL Studio)

  • In fl studio (or maybe other daw) , create an simple automation clip doing squares on/off. (goal is to get sharp changes over time)
  • Load a vital instance, init by default.
  • link osc1 level to automation clip. play a note with the automation.

Problem : the level is changing with a smooth effect.
Now try by using a macro (automation -> vital’s macro -> vital’s level) the level is now changing without smooth effect.

Can someone recreate this issue and confirm either a bug or a wrong setting from me ?
Some other knobs and cuttoffs display the same weird smoothing.

Try turning the smooth dial down to 0 sec:

but I want to use automation clips for my specific task. I know there are work-arounds, but vital doesnt seems to behave correctly if automations from FL don’t pass by vital’s macros. If someone can confirm me this is a bug, I will report it.

Edit: Ok I see what you’re saying now. The difference between automating the Osc 1 Level and automating Macro 1 set to Osc 1 Level.

So yes I can confirm the behavior here.