Weird Pitch/Modwheel behavior

i am running Vital as an AU on a Mac in Ableton 11 with a Novation SL61 MKIII.
When i use the Pitch/Modwheel on the Keyboard they are moving in Vital, but nothing is happening soundwise. Only if i move the Pitch/Modwheel Parameters with the Mouse in the UI it is working.
This doesn´t change at all if i turn MPE on or off in Vital or Ableton.

I am out of tricks now :smile:
Thanks in Advance,

I’m having the same problem!!!

Most of the time it is still a combination of your controller/DAW and the settings in vital and the DAW.

There is a bug in vital in that it shows MPE enabled when a patch is loaded even if it isn’t. So, try to toggle the MPE setting in vital again after you loaded a patch. additionally enable/disable the MPE setting in the instrument options of ableton (the options for vital in that case).

I think vital gets ‘wrongly’ recognized as MPE instrument in live11 even when the patch is not in MPE mode, so you will have to manually disable it…

Thank you, turning off and on MPE in Vital sometimes fixes the Pitchwheel Problem.
But the Modwheel Bug is still there. This has nothing to do with my Controller in my opinion since i can see the Modwheel moving in Vital but the attached Parameters are not moving.
(Has to do something with Vital´s internal routing i think)

When can we expect to see this Bugs adressed in a an Update?

The problem is not per se vital, the mod and pitchweels just move whenever a mod or pitchinfo is coming in, even when on the wrong channel (and therefore they have no impact on the sound)

Did you try the ableton MPE settings as well?

Yes, tried every possible combination both in ableton and Vital.
Turning MPE on in Vital seems to activate the Pitchwheel.
No combination seems to make the Modwheel work.

Shouldn´t this work like normal in every other MPE or nonMPE synth?

This is really bugging me, could you guys adress that problem in the next update?
When do you think 1.0.8. or 1.1. is coming?