Weird effects behaviour (Chorus, Flanger, Phaser)

Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I looked into the forum multiple times about the subject but I couldn’t find what I was looking for.

I’m on FL Studio and have an issue with the Chorus, Flanger and Phaser effects where everytime I play a project or the project loops from the beginning, they kinda “reset” to their starting position and produce some artifacts, as if the effects’ start is delayed. This only happens when playing / the project loops; the effects behave regularly in every other case (any other point of the project while playing, or when the project is not playing). I don’t know if this is actually a bug or I’m misunderstanding how the effects work at a basic level.

If you’re looping back to a certain position in a song the effects want to be at the same state every time they are at that spot in the song. That way your song sounds consistent even if you’re jumping the playhead around.

Other DAWs have an ability to advance the playhead but just loop the MIDI which sounds more like what you want but I’m not usually an FL user so not sure if they have something like that.


Hello, sorry for the month late reply. Unfortunately I haven’t found a solution to this issue. I don’t know if it can be of any help, but I tried exporting a simple loop. Exactly at the start, the Chorus has the weird delay issue I explained last month.

Also, I found another bug pertaining the Reverb’s delay reacting to the Modwheel even though they’re not linked, but I’m going to make a different post for that.

FL Studio has something called “initialized controls” for every automation that you’re creating - it’s on by default. You can delete these and/or disable option for them to being “recorded” in first place every time you create automation.

To delete them go to FL browser, switch to “current project” tab and search for “initialized controls”, it should be in “patterns” folder in browser (under “current project” folder)

Perhaps this is what causes your “issue” with effects resetting & thus producing unwanted audio artifacts every time you loop your track, hope this helps! :relaxed:

I thought I’d chime in taht I’d rather the FX were free running, even if they sound different the second time around. If I do a mixdown and the Chorus isn’t hitting the sweet spot, I’d render again. I don’t need so much surgical accuracy with respect to play position and the phase of the internal modulations of flanger or a chorus that isn’t explicitly linked to a synced LFO or ENV, because my brain can’t even remember that much detail. It’s a lot more analog to just have things free running, for loops and such. The different synchronizing modes in the ENV and LFO sections are synchy enough for me, don’t care if FX internal modulations are pseudorandomized as long as they stay smooth even if i play hopscotch with the playhead. The Delay and reverb effects I adore are the ones that have a play position agnostic buffer cause they sound more like outboard gear to me. Unless I misunderstood the issue here.

(Also Free-running LFOs, latch mode on the keys, and self-oscillating filters are dronemaking generative heaven :wink:

Still possible, but the behaviour you’re expecting the most is to have it “remember” the state it was in exact spot whenever you play your track (you expect it to sound the same every time you replay it). For random behaviour you link your parameters to random LFOs - this is why we have these :smirk:

let me be clear, I don’t mean for Vital to go hog wild, running rampant and wreaking havoc and mayhem and general disarray with a dash of chaos and system unrest, i’m just addressing the concern of the OP which seems valid, if they’re trying to create a loop and there’s a weird hiccup. but yeah I guess the thing to do would be try to render the loop dry and use a third party chorus over it in post, then use careful clever crossfading. It’s a challenge to get a smelly rotten loop point to sound invisible and look quiet, no matter if we’re in the synth or even the microphone domain very much.

+1 for free running FX. I just noticed the Chorus “resetting” and has been driving me nuts. I don’t know if it’s something specific to FL Studio because that’s what I’m using as well. I really like the sound of the FX otherwise.