Weird behaviour of sustain pedal

I’m using Vital on reaper, controlled by a korg nanokey2

When i use the sustain button of the keyboard the behaviour of vital is weird :

  • with the button down, vital sound is very loud,
  • with the button up, vital makes no sound at all.
  • if I load a session and use the keyboard with vital paying attention to not touch the sustain button, verything works just fine, but the moment i touch it, it’s all broken

this buttons works just fine on other plugins with the same setup.

Have a nice day, thx for paying attention :slight_smile:

I’m guessing that your pedal has a midi input, so if you wanted to create a sustain pedal effect: just right click the sustain knob in the envelope section, press ‘Learn midi assignment’, and then just press down the pedal.

I’m not sure exactly how your, or any, sustain pedal works so it might take some adjusting after you’re done.

Might want to check if you accidentally set some MIDI learn on the volume or something. If you right click it will show “Clear MIDI Learn” if you have something mapped.