Way to import a folder of preset files to the presets list

So I just downloaded a zip file of presets, extracted it, and now have to go through each one, load it up, then save it manually and enter all the details for it again (which is a known issue… keen for a patch in the near future). It’d be great if I could just select a folder and have Vital import each preset automatically. It’d also be nice to have Vital save any preset that you open in it to your presets list automatically.

Even still, this is a really great synth! It’s the first one I’ve ever been able to figure out easily.

Hmm i seem to be able to import entire folders. I’m on WIN10 though.

EDIT: Those were just wavetables… im dumb

If you click on the ‘PRESET SELECTOR’ of the integrated Sampler a similar menu to the Wavetable selector will pop-up where you can select a custom folder of samples. I recommend dropping your samples in a folder and then select it via the menu

Take a look at this… This is useful for presets… wavetables and the samples.