Wavetables on basic version

Hello, im in the making of some presets and im wondering if there is a list of the 25 wavetables included on the basic version. I would love them to be checked by everyone and so i dont want to include any paid content.

I cant remember which ones where in there with the basic version.

What is your objective in avoiding paid wavetables? The wavetable is bundled with the preset, so your preset will still work with the free version.

oh, cool. didn’nt know that. Thanks.

I don’t think there is a list of which wave tables are in which versions. The presets offer the ability to create a wavetable from the one used in a patch. Just right-click and use the “re-synthazie” features.

Wavetables are everywhere and many people have generously created some great free sets of them. Hunt around this forum and the web and you’ll find many good ones.