Wavetable not loading

hello my wavetables arent loading the normal factory ones are loading but imported ones not https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/s7x9qp34b3u83e5/A5BRRGEvjq.mp4 heres the video sorry for long start

To me it looks like it’s loading the Wavetable you selected.

no for everything it is the same saw wave but if i load it in other synths it just work

Oh you’re right I was only looking at the WT name. That WT loads fine here but I notice you’ve got some extra characters in front of the WT names. Here’s how it looks here:

Try removing those extra characters and see if that helps.

Here’s how it looks in your video:


Oh Yeah, I had this. This is a stupid Apple-thing. These are files that are created by the Mac-OS. They have a negligible file size, and I guess they consist of some kind of link to the actual file, but are not readable by any other OS. But with the dot in front of the file name they cheat themselves to the top of the file list. Check the directories in your file-browser and delete those files (but not the actual wavetables). They all are in a folder called __MACOS.
After that you should see the real wavetable files and be able to load them.

ok thank u it works