Wavetable missing

hi i dont know how, but im missing all the 25 wavetable that you get when you downloud vital for the first time. so where are can i find the wave table on my PC

On Windows they are located in:


Thank but by me there is nothing, where can i downloud the wavetables?

You’ll have to reinstall Vital from your account. You can download the extra presets from there but I don’t see the Wavetables or Factory content available outside of the plugin installer.

Make sure you click on All Downloads and get the latest version.

no I have tried
is it possible that you forward them so that I can download them? only if it is possible,

Vital.audio -> account -> all downloads. Scroll to the bottom and it lists your packs and a download link.

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No, I can not share the wavetable content.

okay i understand

no dont work, i think that those are presets bank but im gonne try one more thing,
but thanks

Download the Factory Content. It will install the wavetables. I just tried it.