Wavetable Import Issue

So I just downloaded some sound presets and wave tables from a reputable source and I was able to get the sounds in vital however when I click add to folder under the wave table section and then I find the folder of the wave tables on my desktop of my computer it shows that it’s blank however when I simply open up that folder on my desktop without going through vital I can see all of the wave tables. So for some reason a vital will not upload them when I click on add to folder. I can’t even drag and drop it in there. So I’m not quite sure what to do. I contacted the source that I purchased them through and they said I have to copy and paste so I tried that but vital will not let me paste anything. I’m not exactly sure how to do that either. Any help would be fantastic thank you so much

Can I ask what kind of files the wavetables are?
Otherwise Vital will normally look for a specific subfolder to identify things, like our patches are saved in the “Presets” folder. I forget what it’s called for wavetables but make sure the folder matches as well :slight_smile:

are you using linux? i had the same problem because the wavetables had the extension .WAV in capital letters. vital on linux can’t see wavetables unless the extension is .wav in lower case.

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