Wavetable Import, Get Settings from Filename + Import Behavior Preferences

I spent a few hours going through SQ-80 waveforms and resampling them to have consistent sample lengths and I’ve got the sample length noted in the filenames so I don’t forget, but I still have to manually enter all of these settings each time for every imported waveform.

Samplers like Kontakt and DirectWave will read a sample’s pitch from its filename for the sake of simple batch imports, and this is extremely helpful when you’ve got a large collection of files to import.

If Vital could read the ending of a filename and detect if it’s a number like alien-512.wav and use the example 512 as the window size and set the initial keyframe to position 0 and the last keyframe to the ending position, everything would be a lot easier.

I imagine not just me but anyone making or converting wavetables or waveforms to use in Vital would note the cycle length each one if they differed in some way, and if they didn’t and instead used the same over and over then the ability to set a default behavior would speed up the process.

With regard for import preferences, the ability to set default wavetable import behavior such as blend style and phase style, as well as automatically setting the last keyframe to be use the final position of the imported waveform, would speed things up a lot.