Wavetable From Several Waves

I’m trying to work out how to load 2 or more single cycle audio files into the wavetable editor as keyframes. I can load one of them and create a keyframe, but can’t see how to load a file at that point.

Anyone know of a youtube video that covers this particular process?


Not totally sure what you’re going for, but if you go into the wavetable editor and drag in the audio file as another source, it might do the trick.

There’s no great way to do this atm. If you concatenate your single wave cycles then you can load it by dropping on the “Wavetable” import option

Thanks Matt. I should be able to do that in Audacity.

You might want to check out Any Programmer Guy here? There's a WaveEdit fork that has been improved to 1024 Samples/Slot

There’s a wavetable editor which supports 1024 samples per slot … half of what Vital actually supports… anyway you can use this editor I think.

Just thought I would mention this here for those of you who also own Dune 3 you can use it to create wavetables for Vital and can use Vital to create wavetables for Dune 3.

You can load up to 256 single cycle waveforms into Dune 3’s WT editor, save as a .wav file then load that into Vital.

Of course you can also for example use Vital’s TTWT feature to create WTs for Dune 3. The two synths have different sound character so they complement each other quite well.

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As teksonik says … you can use any other WT synth which has a decent editor and shares the same spec in terms of wt slot size. Icarus 2 editor is another example you can use.

Thanks for all the information people. I’ll let you know what works for me.

Here’s a Wavetable made from the excellent Mu3eum waveforms using Dune 3. Works really well in Vital.

Museum 02.vitaltable (43.2 KB)

And a simple patch using the wavetable:

Museum Waves 02 Tek.vital (202.3 KB)

Thanks teksonic.

I used Audacity and it was simple once I figured out how to drive the application.

I’m playing with the AKWF collection of samples which are 1,024 samples long. Just have to paste them together into one track, switch the Project Rate to 176,400 Hz (to get 4,096 samples for each section), then export it as a wav file.

Load into the Vital wavetable editor and set your keyframe window position and size to pick up the sample you want. Works perfectly.

Thanks again for all the responses and thanks Matt for a great synth.