Wavetable Editor snapping

It’ll be useful function when in Wavetable Editor we can disable snapping to grid with maybe ctrl or shift key.


in wt editor add line source, double click for new points and alt for no snapping (double klick and alt work in lfo window too). But this will “mix” what you paint with original wave from osc window.

so first paint a flat line in lfo window and copy&paste (right click) to osc window.

or just use lfo window to paint and copy it to osc.

Ok. I forgot write that it’s not working at wave source.

Set the grid to 0 and it’s free draw

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I don’t mean free draw. I mean disable snapping to points of grid. For example I want to make saw wave I can set grid to 1 or maybe holding shift disable snapping to grid, than I musn’t avoid snapping points.